Joff’s Barckyard Grill

Inspired by the newly functioning, I decided to have wings for lunch today, from Joff’s Backyard Grill, just down the street from the office.

I have eaten there a few times and they make great burgers, chili and wings.  I haven’t had the wings since right after they opened though and glad to report that not only are they as good as they originally were, but they are actually even BETTER.

Instead of a deep-fried wing, I went with their Fire Roasted Chicken wings which has Joff’s own dry rub on the chicken and then grilled. They are full of flavor, and the wings would be good enough just on their own, without any additional sauce. Kudos to Joff’s for not only having a good dry rub for their wings, but also cooking them to perfection.  Plenty of grilled flavor and not undercooked; wings are notoriously difficult to cook on the grill without having them come out either underdone or burnt.  These were tender and juicy, with skin that was nicely charred and brown from the grilling, which meant they weren’t fatty or rubbery. Photo_03

I chose their "hot" sauce – they offer mild, medium, hot and suicide.  The hot was just right for me – they had a nice bite to them that stung your lips and tongue in just the way they should, without making you wince in pain.  What is especially nice is that the sauce is flavorful – not just hot – and picks up a lot of the grilled flavor from the wings.

All together, it makes for some of the better wings I’ve had.  Not a classic buffalo wing, but very very good anyway.  They come highly recommended and would love to know what the "honey garlic" flavor is like.  Their blue cheese dressing, which costs extra with the order, is also very good – nice and chunky with plenty of other flavors to cool the palate.

RATING: 4.5 out of 5 stars