Cider House Barbecue & Pub – Waterbury, VT

I have reviewed the Cider House twice on Yelp now, and it has been one of my favorite places to dine since moving to Vermont.   However, for a long time, I found myself wishing that they offered some sort of chicken wings.  Much to my pleasure, they have added it to their menu, and I hope they stay on there for a long time!

These are very simply some of the best wings I have had in a very very long time.  They are slightly smoked, and then fried, so you get a great combination of smokey barbecue-ness and crispy fry-ness.   The wings are meaty and juicy.  In addition, they get extra points for the hot sauce being on the side, allowing you to dip – not only does that allow you to control the heat level, but it keeps the wings crispy.

The chipotle buffalo sauce is bold, offering a spicy kick mixed with fresh and slightly smoky pepper flavor.  It is one of the more complex and interesting buffalo sauces I’ve had.

The wings come with the usual blue cheese dressing, which is good if not exceptional, and some celery and carrot sticks.  However, none of that matters, since the wings are so damn good!   The Cider House has now become a go-to place for BBQ, southern food AND wings in my book, and is well worth a special trip for any of those.

RATING: 5 out of 5 Stars!!!