PigTrip: A Fellow Food Obsessive

We foodie obsessives need to stick together, supporting each other in convincing ourselves and the rest of the world that it is OK to have a web site dedicated to things like hot wings, just for fun of it, not profit or any sort of professional gain.

This past weekend I cooked with the iQue barbecue team (speaking of foodie obsessives…) and during some downtime had the opportunity to meet Gary from PigTrip.net

There are some natural pairings in this world, for example: beer and barbecue.  Many barbecue competitions are either held on brewery grounds or sponsored by a beer company in some manner.  Also, most barbecue lovers are hot wing lovers.  I think it has to do with the need to eat a primal cut of meat that is spicy and flavorful and do it with your hands.  Wings and barbecue fulfill that need.  Just don’t ask me to choose!

Be sure to check out PigTrip.net

Archie Moore’s – Milford, CT

When you’re wing addict to the point of having a blog reviewing them, you do some silly things in pursuit of good wingage.  You do things like go out of your way to get to a recommended wing restaurant for lunch, even if you have to spend 15 minutes in the car and another 15 minutes walking around a rather small and nondescript downtown area, waiting for the place to open.  And once you get inside, you suffer through indignities like slow service since the staff is still getting ready for the main lunch crowd, and watching your dress shirt get ruined as you drop a wing down your front and watch it leave a huge orange-red greasy streak.

However, if the wings are good, its worth it.  And these wings were worth it.  Archie Moore’s has five locations throughout southern Connecticut and claims to have wings "Voted Best Wings in CT."  Now, there was no explanation of WHO did the voting, and I haven’t eaten wings in that many places in Connecticut, but Archie’s certainly sets the bar pretty high.

Like any good wing, these were perfectly cooked.  Crispy and cooked all the way through, while still being moist on the inside.  The sauce is pleasantly spicy – a good amount of heat but a lot of flavor, with a delicious glaze of orange spicy oil floating around.  They remind me of the wings at Quaker Steak & Lube or Wendell’s and I mean that as a compliment of the highest order. 

They aren’t anything unique or breakthrough, but they are perfectly executed and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. 

The blue cheese dressing that accompanies the wings is quite chunky, which I like, though it is less thick than you usually find with a creamy dressing.