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Last week I was contacted by someone at Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant (or rather, their agency) telling me about a new promotion that they are running.  Yes, people actually find this site and want me to tell all of you wonderful readers about things.  Apparently I’m an influencer.  That makes me quasi-somewhat relevant in some manner.  I think.

I wasn’t going to give them a plug at first, but then I checked out the site and it is pretty cool and who am I to stand in the way of encouraging more hot wing consumption?? Check out wildmessages.com, and if you wind up going there, let me know how it is… there is one a few hours away from here and I’m going to try to get there to try it out sooner rather than later.  I’ve never had them, so I can’t vouch for them, but one would hope that they are good, since, you know, it’s what the restaurant seems to be based around!

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  1. I’m iffy about chain restaurants, so I went to B-Dubs (that’s what people ‘in the know’ call it) grudgingly.
    The wings are damn good. I’ve been to them in Texas and Ohio, and have always enjoyed them. I think they use a timer while frying them…sometimes they take a while.
    Besides the very hot wings, I recommend the asian zing, garlic-parmesan, and mango-habenero!

  2. That is funny that I randomly stumble onto your blog and I read about B.W.W.! I recently ate there,, and they are VERY GOOD! they hot sauce has flavor instead of just heat. I will be going back there, and suggest you do as well!

  3. As I travel for work alot and I eat out frequently. In my travels to Indiana this restaurant was recommended to be by a local as a fun sports pub. I went in and found a ton of TV’s with the games on +1 point. Then selected the wings and type of sauce, there are alot +1. Found the wings crispy and the sauce was also good. Great place for a quick wing fix.

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