T.G.I. Friday’s Ancho Chile Wings – Everywhere

I had high hopes for these wings.  Just read this description: "Our buffalo wings are tossed in Ancho honey-glaze.  Served with a side of green chile sour cream sauce."  Mmmm…. ancho and honey.

Unfortunately, they just didn’t live up to expectations.  They weren’t bad.  But they weren’t very good either.  The flavor was a bit strange – really couldn’t put my finger on it.  They weren’t that spicy and they weren’t sticky sweet.  They are very middle of the road and therefore kind of uninteresting.  Looking back, it may be the fault of the Ancho itself, which has more of paprika flavor and I shouldn’t have gotten so excited.  Chipotle honey glaze… now that would be interesting!

However, the wings are a virtual mouth party compared to the "green chile sour cream sauce" which tastes like leaky sour cream with flavorless little green bits in it.

Friday’s needs to take a clue from its own "Wicked Wings" that I reviewed just about a year ago.  I’ve also had their buffalo flavor and they are quite good.  This was a miss for Friday’s.

RATING: 2 out of 5 Stars