Pitcher’s Pub – Cumberland, RI

I kind of wish I had a beer blog too, just so I could review this place there, but I think three is enough.  One of them goes virtually unattended to as it is. 

Pitcher’s Pub is the corner bar for beer snobs.  They have a great selection of beers that are constantly rotating and aren’t afraid to try new and different beers, which is refreshing to see.  On my most recent visit there, I tried their buffalo wings, which are like the rest of their fare: good, standard, well-executed and a nice complement to the beer. 

The wings were of the coated/battered variety, of which I am not usually a fan, but these were well cooked and served immediately after cooking, so the outside was still crispy.  The sauce was pretty standard, though I think I may have tasted a little extra vinegar flavor in them.  However, it was pleasantly spicy, not overwhelming and flavorful.  Blue cheese was tangy and chunky as it should be.

As good as they were, they aren’t as good as just regular wings cooked, sans breading/batter, so I have to take a star off for them.  Otherwise, they are good: well cooked, good sauce, good accompanying blue cheese.  If you like them battered/breaded, then this is a great place for wings.   

RATING: 3.5 out of 5 stars