Memphis Roadhouse – Attleboro, MA

This was my first visit to Memphis Roadhouse since starting this blog, but their wings have long been a favorite of mine.  They are always pleasantly spicy and smoky, this time being no exception.

The first thing you’ll notice with an order of wings from Memphis Roadhouse is the size of the wings themselves – these are jumbo wings with plenty of meat.  This really allows them to smoke them without loosing moisture, though they are never fatty.  The sauce is pretty traditional, not needing too many other flavors thanks to the smokiness of the chicken.  The skin isn’t crispy, but isn’t greasy or fatty either, and the meat is thoroughly cooked.

As a side note, I would like to say that the food there the other night was excellent all around.  I go to Memphis at least a few times a year, but the food last night was the best I’ve ever had there and some of the best barbecue I’ve had in a restaurant, period.


One thought on “Memphis Roadhouse – Attleboro, MA”

  1. Memphis is really the first BBQ joint I ever experienced, but is still my fave. The smell of smoke just calls you into this place. The ambience is perfect, including the exposed kitchen and the southern blue/bluegrass/old country music. The beer selection is great. And most importantly, the food is phenominal. My favorites include the soups: smoked sausage and smoked chicken. When you get a good smoky flavor in your soup, you know the rest of the meal is going to be fantastic.

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