Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods markets are known for having healthy organic and all-natural foods.  However, not all foods are necessarily "healthy" – they may be organic and all-natural, but even if you make it with organic chocolate, organic eggs, and organic cream, a chocolate torte is still not good for your cholesterol.  It does have antioxidants at least.

Which brings us to their teriyaki style wings that they often have as part of their hot food take-out buffet.  They are baked with a sticky dark glaze and while the skin doesn’t get crispy thanks to the glaze, baking and the fact that they are sitting in a steam table, they aren’t fatty and have a nice taste to them.  I have found them to be a safe bet for a quick soy-flavored wing hit, though far from the best I’ve ever had.

RATING: 3 out of 5 stars