Brown Sugar Cafe – Boston

This was a bit of a stretch: going to Brown Sugar Cafe, a Thai restaurant and they had "stuffed wings" on the menu described as "

Golden fried boneless chicken wings with stuffing of seasoned minced chicken, vegetables and Thai herbs. Served with House Sweet Chili Sauce."

I figured that they were fried and served with a hot and sweet sauce, so why not try them?  That turned out to be a slight misjudgment on my part.  The rest of the food there was great – I had roast duck curry which was very good and Meghan had crispy pad thai which made me whish I had gotten the pad thai (I have had several bad pad thais over the last few years and has kinda turned me off after loving it the first few times I had it).  The wings, were, simply, a disappointment.

They were fried and golden, but not crispy – I’m not sure how they did it, because they looked great; they just were fatty and tough.  Also the "boneless" description was pushing it, as I pulled a few pieces of gristle out of my mouth while eating them.  Lastly, the stuffing didn’t have much flavor – really didn’t add anything to the dish.

The only redeeming thing was the chili sauce which was a pleasantly hot bright red sauce that was also very sweet.  I kept the sauce on hand for my main course, it was so good. 

RATING: 1 out of 5 stars