This is the first official post of this blog – the other stupid "why isn’t this working" posts will be gone by the time anyone reads this.

So what is "Hot n’ Saucy Wings" all about?  It about a man’s consuming passion and obsession with chicken wings.  Especially "Buffalo Wings," but that term is too limiting.  There are plenty of good spicy wings that aren’t the traditional buffalo wing, and I love a teriyaki or asian-style wing.  Or grilled with spices.  Hey, just bring them on.  I’ll even count buffalo chicken tenders and similar, if they are good enough.

I’ll be posting reviews of wings in restaurants, made-at home wings, and ready-made wings.  Occasionally I post reviews and links to hot wing related web sites.  Most importantly, I hope to get people comment and share their "wing moments."  LOL

Welcome to the society of wing lovers, brothers and sisters.  All hail the mighty capsaicin!

About This Blog

This is a blog dedicated to the fine art of the "hot wing" – chicken wings that a deliciously spicy.  They can be a traditional buffalo wing – deep-fried and then tossed with Frank’s Red Hot & Butter – or they can be grilled with a dry rub.  Or done in an Asian-influenced manner with soy sauce and garlic.  Basically, if its a wing, you’ll find it here.

I’m a certified Barbecue Judge, certified by the Kansas City Barbecue Society, and have eaten wings at hundreds of restaurants.  That’s about as close to an expert on wings as you’re gonna get I think. You can find out more about me at my other blog, Pop Culture Gangster, and at my web site.

Here you will find blog entries about those experiences, as well a recipes, tips for making good wings at home, and links to other chicken-wing related web sites.

I encourage you to comment and discuss the posts and join in the wing-loving fun!!